60% of preventable crashes are drivers at the top of the Driver Watch List

Don’t Just Respond to Crashes – Prevent Them

Driver scoring isn’t unique, but most of them available today just consider one element of driver behavior and it’s based upon historical incidents. Only the Idelic Driver Watch List score analyzes a multitude of driver behavior sources and applies machine learning models based on over forty billion miles of driver behavior to predict driver risk. These insights allow fleet managers and safety operations to engage in prescriptive coaching before a crash occurs.

Proven Crash Reduction

Reduced Accidents After The Idelic Program

Accidents after three months ⇣ -11.3%

Accidents after twelve months ⇣ -20.3%

A Complete Picture of Driver Risk

Idelic’s streamlined integrations bring relevant driver behavior data into Safety Suite. Recommended sources include:

• Accident / Risk information
• Driver / CDL information
• FMCSA Portal
• HoS Violations
• Mileage / Driver Hours
• Onboard Telematics
• Onboard Video Systems
• Training / LMS

A Comprehensive Watch List Score

Idelic’s proprietary AI and ML models power the Driver Watch List, leveraging 40B+ miles of driving data and 5M+ months of driving time. The result is an accurate score for every driver across multiple behavior sources and systems. With this score, fleets can easily identify drivers at the top of the list and more importantly the specific risky behaviors that require coaching.

A Plan to Improve Driver Behavior

The Idelic Driver Safety Playbook provides the step-by-step professional development plans and coaching techniques fleets need to see behavior improvements. With each effectively completed task in a professional development plan, a driver and manager can see Driver Watch List score improvements.

What Fleets Are Saying

“Idelic’s Driver Watch List allows us to assess our drivers for risk and really use those risk scores to prevent collisions or injuries.”

Tanner Wiltrout
Compliance Safety Specialist, Modern Transportation

“We found it important to use the Idelic Safety Suite to identify our drivers, to review their good behavior and the risky behaviors, and to look at all the data streams. You know there’s billions and billions of miles of data that help us determine which drivers are in need of intervention as well as our safe drivers that we could reward and acknowledge for their behavior.”

Scott Reagan
Director of Health & Safety, TForce Freight

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