What is the Idelic Program?

Driver Safety Playbook

The Driver Safety Playbook provides an easy-to-follow, comprehensive driver safety program, including 9 best-practice professional development plan templates. We make it possible for drivers to learn from their mistakes, and make better decisions every day.

Safety Suite®

Safety Suite, trucking’s premier driver performance management platform, includes a proven approach to consolidating driver data, advanced AI & ML to identify risk, and intuitive workflows to improve driver behavior.

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The Idelic Program & How It Works For You

Providing insurers with proof of sustainable improvements in crash reduction is key to negotiating better rates. Fleets see an average 20% reduction in accidents within the first year of the Idelic Program.

Consolidate data

Utilize a comprehensive set of integrations to your most important systems containing driver behavior data.

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Identify Risk

Idelic’s proprietary AI-powered Driver Watch list identifies patterns of behavior in your data to help you intervene with your most risky drivers.

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Coach drivers

Implement step-by-step professional development plans and coaching techniques to improve driver behavior.

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Reduce losses

Reduce preventable crashes and claims, improve driver safety, and obtain insurance rates that reflect your success.

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“If we can paint a complete picture of a professional driver, it’s not about ‘gotcha’…it’s about coaching and raising the bar. We use Idelic collaboratively with our professional drivers to help them develop and make them better at what they do. We all need coaching, and this has been a way to let them see their data so we’re on the same side of the table with our drivers using data to make the company and them better.”

Brian Fielkow
Board of Directors Member, Jetco, a GTI Company

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