Better Renewals with Data-Driven Insights

With Idelic Discover Dashboards fleets can view reports to identify trends early, evaluate actions and execute the right mitigation strategy. A historical view of fleet-wide trends provides the data necessary to demonstrate to insurers a consistent approach to identifying risks, managing improvements, and reducing losses at the time of renewal.

Visualize Data In Meaningful Ways

Idelic’s Discover Dashboard provides fleets variable filters to drill down into specific factors. Depending on the data being analyzed results can be visualized in different ways, and dashboard displays can be saved and shared with relevant people across the fleet. 

Bar Charts

Clearly differentiate data and identify discrepancies

Time Series

See trends and measure performance before and after action

Time Box

Only show the data within a specific timeframe


If I look at the trucking industry 15-20 years ago there was a lack of data and now we’re drowning in data from too many sources without a way to operationalize it. Idelic Safety Suite helped us amalgamate our data and turn it into action and results…data fits into our whole lifecycle of managing our professional drivers.”

Brian Fielkow
Board of Directors Member, Jetco, a GTI Company

The Driver Watch List

Idelic’s individual Driver Watch List scores are based upon analysis of over 40B miles of driver behavior and over 215K accidents. Using our proprietary AI algorithms, fleet managers and safety operations can identify drivers most at risk of getting into a preventable crash and apply prescriptive coaching plans to reduce that risk. The Driver Watch List can predict over 60% of preventable crashes at the top of the list before a crash occurs.

See the Driver Watch List in Action

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