Idelic is excited to partner with you and your captive to help you proactively identify risk, prevent crashes, and improve insurance outcomes through Idelic’s two-fold program combining process & technology.
By implementing Idelic’s Driver Safety Playbook and Safety Suite®, we guarantee a 15% reduction in accidents within your first year on the program.

The Idelic Program

Driver Safety Playbook

The Driver Safety Playbook provides an easy-to-follow, comprehensive driver safety program, including 9 best-practice professional development plan templates. We make it possible for drivers to learn from their mistakes, and make better decisions every day.

Safety Suite®

Safety Suite, trucking’s premier driver performance management platform, includes a proven approach to consolidating driver data, advanced AI & ML to identify risk, and intuitive workflows to improve driver behavior.

How It Works For You

Consolidate Data

Utilize a comprehensive set of integrations to your most important systems containing driver behavior data.

Identify Risk

Idelic’s proprietary AI-powered Driver Watch list identifies patterns of behavior in your data to help you intervene with your most risky drivers.

Coach Drivers

Implement step-by-step professional development plans and coaching techniques to improve driver behavior.

Reduce Losses

Reduce preventable crashes and claims, improve driver safety, and obtain insurance rates that reflect your success.

Captive Benefits

Improve Dividends

Reduce accidents & claims, generate buy-in with other fleets in your captive, and see significant dividend returns.

Improve Losses

Improve group loss experience to combat rate hike while gaining stability in your insurance rates.

Increase Visibility

Pinpoint the highest areas of risk using your data to proactively prevent accidents and reduce your costs.

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Real Fleet Success Stories

4,000 Driver Fleet

Cut Million Mile accidents by 43% using the Driver Watch List and proactive training.

Across All Fleets

Over 60% of preventable crashes are drivers at the top of our Watch List.

600 Driver Fleet

Reduced accidents per driver by 52% while growing from 600 to 900 drivers.

What Fleets Are Saying About Idelic

“The talking points organize the conversation… It’s a conduit. It’s what guides where we’re going and how to do it. We have what we want to do in our minds, and it helps guide that and express it across the organization.”

Cody McClain
Director of Safety & HR,
Tucker Freight Lines

“The task alerts are our favorite part of the program. It is so easy to lose sight of who you need to reach out to if you just put it on your calendar. Safety Suite fixes that.”

Alison Heider
HR & Risk Manager,
Veriha Trucking