Multiple Subsidiaries? Not A Problem.

Safety Suite tracks data across all of your terminals, fleets, and DOT numbers. You can compare data on incidents, crashes, delivery times, and driver turnover from terminal to terminal and fleet to fleet. Our inter-fleet historical benchmarking lets you make intelligent, informed decisions on the problems you’re facing today and prepare yourself for tomorrow.

The Driver Watch List

Safety Suite’s Driver Watch List is the ultimate reporting tool. With over 20 years of rich, comprehensive driver data, our AI-powered analytics identify the key predictors of crashes hidden across all of your fleet’s records.

Safety Suite delivers the most impactful insights on the market: the comprehensive understanding of which drivers are most at-risk of having a preventable crash. With this information, you gain visibility into which areas your drivers need the most help in and can assign targeted training that meets their specific needs.

Protect Your Drivers

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