The PDP Module helps fleets:

Prevent crashes

Assign PDPs to at-risk drivers and track their progress. Watch as their Risk Score goes down and your fleet’s safety improves.

Reduce Turnover

With the ability to seamlessly assign training after an incident and monitor driver and trainer progress, fleets can unlock reduced turnover through retention by prevention strategies.

Reduce Liability

Manage your escalation process and ensure consistent onboarding by templating your new-hire and corrective training, as well as automating tasks within your PDP assignment after an incident.

Programs Tailored to Your Fleet Needs

Build custom PDPs that meet your drivers’ needs. Target training to a specific incident or assign recurring plans for continuous development. Whatever your unique circumstances may be, Safety Suite’s PDP module was built to meet the needs of your fleet.

See It in Action

“The ability to proactively assign corrective training and a course of action to prevent any incidents is critical to improving safety.”

– A Case Study of Pitt Ohio


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