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Safety Suite uses ML and neural networks to predict which of your drivers are most likely to cause an incident.

In the complex landscape of transportation safety software, Safety Suite is the only fleet management platform that can give you a single Driver Risk Score that is truly accurate.

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Unlike a typical monitoring solution, Safety Suite doesn’t merely provide an unexplainable number tied to a driver. Safety Suite identifies and displays why these drivers are at-risk, and recommends training to address their specific needs. Alongside the Idelic Risk Score, you will see all of a driver’s behaviors that have affected their score and exactly how much each of these individual events has contributed to that driver’s score.

If you only analyze MVR and CSA scores, you’re ignoring almost 80% of the relevant driver data available to you.

What does this mean exactly?

Safety Suite can locate hidden patterns in driver data that can’t be noticed by analysts, using information from all of your systems. No other driver management platform does that, and it’s what makes Safety Suite stand out from the rest.

Why AI?

AI and ML technologies are the scorecarding of the future. With a manual scorecarding system, you can only track the things you know are important, like crashes or camera incidents. With an AI platform, you can track everything, and discover metrics you didn’t realize were leading indicators.

AI helps your fleet realize value that no other platform can provide, saving you time, money, and lives.

Why Safety Suite Is Different

A lot of people say their solution uses AI, but this isn’t exactly true.

Artificial intelligence is more than just a well-designed decision tree. Unlike any other safety system in the industry, Safety Suite uses ML models and advanced neural networks to drive the highest accuracy and most impactful insights for our customers.

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