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If you’re logging into multiple systems a day to manage your fleet and drivers, we look forward to showing you how our platform can pull all your driver data into one centralized command center and help you reduce accidents, lower driver turnover, and cut your insurance costs.

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  • A brief conversation to assess what Safety Suite can do to help your fleet
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  • Discuss your operations, safety, risk, and compliance goals
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Pull all your fleet systems into one platform

With a centralized command-center for all your driver management, you unlock:

01.The Fleet Performance Dashboard to track your priorities and quickly identify problem areas to focus on each day.

02. The Most Comprehensive Driver Watch List which flags your most at-risk drivers before your next crash occurs.

03. Industry-Leading Professional Development Plans which can come custom or templated and include engagement reminders, training records, and task management to help you drop your drivers’ Risk Scores.

04. HOS, Compliance, BASICs Management include records, expiry alerts, and the tools you need to increase your CSA scores.

05. Claims & Accident Management allow you to create records, run accident reports, classify event, manage accident files, and with TPAs to finalize claims.

06. Effective Driver Engagement for your most at-risk and safest drivers to help you reduce driver turnover.

07. Robust Reporting on All Your Data helps you quickly run reports and turn insight into action with the information you need from all your systems.