Q4 Only! Save 25% On Safety Suite*

With 2022 rapidly approaching, the trucking industry is continuing to face old and new challenges. While it hasn’t been the easiest year, we learned some important lessons along the way: Safety is never a competition, it is never accidental, and it is always the best way forward.

We are offering our Road to a Safer 2022 Package for fleets: 25% off your first year of Safety Suite.* 

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You can’t afford to be less than perfect in today’s trucking landscape. Don’t fall behind the curve on the industry’s must-have technology and put yourself at risk.

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*Offer requires a new 36 month term commitment and only applies to fleets with under 1,000 drivers. The 25% off discount applies to the first year as a waiver of fees for the first 3 month period. Fees would apply after the free period. Other standard terms, conditions and limitations will apply to access the services. Offer ends December 31, 2021.