Use Analytics as a Force Multiplier for Identifying Risk

Easily identify drivers most likely to get into an accident within 90 days 

Amidst the explosive proliferation of driving data, safety teams face daunting challenges in assessing driver risk with manual tools. The sheer volume from multiple sources, hidden connections, and dependencies overwhelm traditional methods like spreadsheets and scorecards.

Idelic’s predictive analytics leverage the most modern machine learning techniques, combined with massive amounts of real-life driving data, to produce dramatic improvements in driver risk prediction over manual methods. Our models combine knowledge from decades of driving data insights, with your fleet’s unique driving data patterns, to produce the industry’s most accurate tool for identifying 90-day driver risk.

Risk Prediction

Stop Playing ‘Whack-a-Mole’ When Addressing Driver Risk

Safety teams can find themselves in a cycle of reactively assigning driver training to seemingly unrelated individual road incidents. A driver is flagged for harsh braking, then following distance, then merging and so on. It can be difficult to see what behaviors are most indicative of potential crashes and drivers can feel defensive or overly watched.

Idelic’s Safety Suite Platform shows patterns in driver behaviors before incidents occur. This gives safety teams the proactive insights they need to prioritize driver intervention and engage with drivers to improve specific habits to measurably reduce risk.

Identifying Risk

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See the Biggest Risks and Prioritize Intervention

Most fleets have limited resources to address every safety incident effectively. With so many incoming data points, system alerts, score carding methodologies etc…prioritizing which drivers and terminals need the most attention to avoid accidents can be difficult.

Idelic’s Safety Suite Platform provides you with a highly visual view of which drivers are most likely to get into an accident within the next 90 days. This provides enough time to engage with drivers to change behavior and focuses efforts on the largest potential risks.

Proven Crash Reduction

Accidents after three months ⇣ -11.3%

Accidents after twelve months ⇣ -20.3%



Idelic Safety Suite Platform

Machine learning (ML) powered predictive analytics and best-in-class coaching solutions, help connect safety, operations and driver teams to transform everyday safety initiatives into fleet or insurer portfolio wide loss reduction.


Our industry leading integration platform brings fleet’s driver data into a single view including driver info and CDLs, accidents, camera events, telematics, inspections and violations, etc.

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Utilizing our 40B miles of data coupled with your fleet’s integrated data, our machine learning (ML) powered predictive analytics reveal patterns in driver behavior and indicate potential risk before accidents occur.

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Behavior-based coaching tools give safety teams automated step-by-step strategies to address risky driver behaviors, proven to be more effective than training to individual telematic incidents alone.

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When teams are armed with risk prediction insights and behavior specific driver coaching strategies, preventable accidents are reduced by 20%* in the first year, measurably lowering the Total Cost of Risk (TCoR).

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“Idelic’s Driver Watch List allows us to assess our drivers for risk and really use those risk scores to prevent collisions or injuries.”

Tanner Wiltrout
Compliance Safety Specialist, Modern Transportation

“We found it important to use the Idelic Safety Suite to identify our drivers, to review their good behavior and the risky behaviors, and to look at all the data streams. You know there’s billions and billions of miles of data that help us determine which drivers are in need of intervention as well as our safe drivers that we could reward and acknowledge for their behavior.”

Scott Reagan
Director of Health & Safety, TForce Freight