Optimizing Efficiency: How Clear Data Insights Transform Fleet Management

Where there are countless hours saved, there is ROI.

It’s harder than ever to be in the trucking industry as nuclear verdicts are becoming more frequent and expenses are skyrocketing. Chris at Dunavant has found a way to save time and resources to stay compliant and keep drivers safe, without cutting corners. Dunavant is using business intelligence technology that allows them to pull data in seconds and become more efficient in their business reporting and analysis.

“Prior to implementing Idelic’s Safety Suite Platform, we were spending countless hours mining data from several locations. Idelic’s SafeView module puts metrics and reporting at your fingertips with only a few mouse clicks. I’ve never worked with a better product or group of people.”

– Chris McMahan, Safety Director at Dunavant Transportation Group

Listen as our speakers discuss:
  • Common challenges fleets face analyzing, integrating, and understanding the extensive amount of data available today, without a single source of truth
  • How business intelligence solutions and integrated platforms have helped solve these challenges and improve operational efficiency
  • How Dunavant has approached prioritizing and aligning teams around data points that support critical KPIs and goals to make informed business decisions
  • Top strategies and best practices to help fleets create a unified approach to using data and analytics to solve business challenges