Securing a Fair Rate: Marketing Your Fleet’s Safety to Insurers

Vikas Shah, Executive Vice President, DMC Insurance
Jeff Mercadante, Vice President of Safety, Pitt Ohio
Joe Peplinski, Vice President, Haylor, Freyer & Coon
Hayden Cardiff, Founder / Co-CEO, Idelic

 Learn how you can effectively market your fleet to insurers, the steps you can take to prove your safety is stronger than your CSA scores indicate, and how the top fleets are securing a fair rate. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to prepare your data for the insurance market
  • What metrics insurers look for in a fleet—and how to prove you’ve met them
  • How to demonstrate your fleet is on the road to becoming safer


  • 02:09 – Speaker Introduction
  • 04:42 – Data Insurers Use Today
  • 13:36 – Data You’re Collecting That Can Improve Your Rate
  • 19:02 – Organizing Fleet Data & Identifying Strengths
  • 28:14 – Being Transparent: Turning Weaknesses into Wins
  • 35:37 – How to Present Your Data to Insurers
  • 50:33 – Finding the Right Insurance Provider
  • 57:37 – Question and Answer

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