Rising Fleet Insurance Costs: Battling Back!

Max Brusky, Transportation Practice, Major Case Unit at Gallagher Bassett
Chris Demetroulis, Managing Director of Transportation Practice at Gallagher
Tim Smith, President of Pivotal Fleet Solutions
Hayden Cardiff, Founder / Co-CEO of Idelic

Watch now for an hour-long deep dive into insurance in trucking. During this webinar, our presenters discuss the rise of insurance costs in the transportation industry and share actionable steps your fleet can take today to reduce liability.

During this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • How to manage and mitigate the cost of claims 
  • The best way to market your fleet to insurance carriers
  • Sustainable solutions to help your fleet improve safety performance


  • 8:56 – Insurance Renewals – What to Know & How to Prepare
  • 30:48 – Sustainable Solutions That Result in Improved Performance
  • 40:46 – Managing and Mitigating the Cost of the Claim
  • 48:00 – The Retention Amount That’s Right for You
  • 54:30 – Marketing Your Fleet’s Safety
  • 56:40 – Steps You Can Take Today

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