Reducing Fleet Liability: Acting on Your Driver Data

Hayden Cardiff, Founder / Co-CEO, Idelic
Adam Khan, President, Commercial Fleet Team, Netradyne
Steve Bryan, CEO, Bluewire LLC

Presenters discuss how fleets can use their driver data to reduce liability and majorly improve their safety programs. Learn how fleets are taking safety seriously by not just analyzing their driver data but acting on it.

During this webinar, you will learn how:

  • Fleets are using their driver data to reduce their liability and retain drivers
  • The driver data you are collecting can significantly affect potential liability
  • Different types of driver data can be used together to drive performance improvement


  • 00:39 – Speaker Introduction
  • 06:28 – The Problem of Rising Liability & Nuclear Verdicts Today
  • 19:48 – Using Driver Data to Reduce Liability & Claims
  • 33:43 – Using Different Types of Data Together
  • 50:56 – Looking Forward: How Technology Will Change Nuclear Verdicts & Liability
  • 56:46 – Steps You Can Take Today

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