Preventing Nuclear Verdicts: Stop Your Data From Working Against You

Hayden Cardiff, Founder / Co-CEO, Idelic
Brandon Guiliani, Department Head Transportation, Principal, – Seubert & Associates, Inc.
Dan Murray, Senior Vice President, ATRI

Learn how fleets have been using their driver data to protect themselves from Nuclear Verdicts, rather than fall victim to them. In this webinar, our presenters discuss: 

  • The state of Nuclear Verdicts as we emerge from the pandemic
  • The data plaintiff’s attorneys use against fleets in court
  • The future of Nuclear Verdicts and the trucking industry at large


  • 00:46 – Speaker Introduction
  • 03:36 – The State of Nuclear Verdicts Today
  • 11:35 – How Trucking Fleets Have Been Hurt by Their Data
  • 22:27 – How to Use Driver Data in Your Favor
  • 41:22 – Looking Forward: How the State of Nuclear Verdicts Will Change
  • 52:44 – Steps You Can Take Today
  • 56:44 – Q&A

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