Preventing Nuclear Verdicts: Going on Offense Against Your Liability

Hayden Cardiff, Founder / CIO, Idelic
Brandon Guiliani, Department Head Transportation, Principal, Seubert & Associates, Inc.

During this webinar, our speakers will discuss:

  • The state of nuclear verdicts today—and why they’re on the rise;
  • How to identify and address the liability within your data; and
  • The future of nuclear verdicts and the trucking industry at large.


  • 01:30 – Speaker Introduction
  • 05:14 – The State of Nuclear Verdicts
  • 10:25 – How to Identify Potential Liability within Your Data
  • 33:15 – Uprooting Liability and Tackling it Head-On
  • 1:00:36 – Steps You Can Take Today
  • 1:09:19 – Q&A

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