NEP Group: Elevating Fleet Safety

200 Drivers | Private Fleet

Key Results:

  • Achieved full system integration; single point of record for all data
  • Automated collection of employee performance data
  • Raised enforcement monitoring capabilities
  • Unlocked deeper insights into driver data

NEP, a worldwide production company with 200 drivers and 160 video production trailers, has made driver safety a number one priority through a skilled safety team dedicated to always meeting the highest safety standards. On top of ensuring the safety of their drivers and the roadways they travel each day, their team is also responsible for protecting millions of dollars of equipment they haul, including high-tech screens, cameras, production equipment, and audio booths.

With safety top of mind, NEP already had many systems and tools in place to monitor their fleet operations. They measured performance through various spreadsheets surrounding employee, maintenance, and accident data, monitored cameras, and tracked enforcements through the FMCSA portal.

While their team believed they had all of the tools in place to collect and manage their data, NEP struggled to work with disparate systems. Once a year, they manually aggregated the data from each of their systems for performance reviews, but often worried that data was slipping through the cracks due to time-consuming manual logging and entry.

NEP’s safety team determined a single point of record with easy, flexible reporting across all their data was necessary to tackle these issues and take their safety programs to new heights.

The Solution

Based on their needs, NEP discovered the industry-leading driver management platform; the Idelic Safety Suite.

Using the Safety Suite, NEP gained the central hub they needed for entering, receiving, and tracking driver and safety data where multiple departments could easily access all data surrounding fleet operations.

Idelic’s Customer Success team worked closely with NEP to identify which modules in the Safety Suite would help them achieve their goals — including the Maintenance Module to monitor and maintain their fleet more efficiently, and the Employee Observation Module which enabled cross-functional logging of employee and equipment data. In addition to reaching their primary objectives shortly after onboarding onto the Safety Suite, the NEP safety team found other immediate benefits with the system. Using the monitoring tools in the Safety Suite, they were also able to discover additional enforcements that had slipped through the cracks (8 known incidents increased to 19).

Overall, NEP’s safety team saw immediate benefits from using the Idelic Safety Suite. They unlocked an elevated level of transparency into their 200 drivers and assets and achieved significant time savings while calculating performance reviews, maintenance tracking, and access to information. With more ease than ever, they are proactively managing their drivers and assets, while better administering training to correct at-risk behavior before a preventable accident occurs.

The Results

  • Integrated Enforcements (FMCSA) and Cameras into the Safety Suite
  • Accomplished single point of record for all fleet data with easy, flexible reporting across employees, equipment, accidents, and claims
  • Increased awareness of enforcements through the Safety Suite’s monitoring tools
  • Unlocked significant time savings in performance reviews, maintenance tracking, and access to information

At Idelic, bringing drivers home safely each night is our primary mission, but that mission isn’t our only goal. We aim to help our customers prevent accidents, reduce driver turnover, and lower insurance through our comprehensive driver management platform, the Idelic Safety Suite.

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