Medallion Transport: Bringing Fleet Departments Together

Key Takeaways:

  1. Driver review preparation drastically reduced from 24 hours to just one hour
  2. Broke down silos between departments by creating a single, centralized location for all of Medallion’s data
  3. Enhanced reporting capabilities give Medallion a clear, incisive look at each driver’s data, enabling targeted response to risk

Medallion Transport Holdings is a leading transportation solutions company headquartered in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, made up of 450 owner-operators across the United States. Driven by its core values of safety, integrity, accountability, communication, and stability, Medallion has built a superior network of freight agents, owner-operators, and carriers dedicated to providing the highest level of service and safety.

Like many fleets, Medallion saw value in acquiring a “one-stop-shop” for their driver management and sought a solution that could bring all their data from various technology systems into a single location. Medallion found their answer to this too-common problem in the Idelic Safety Suite®.

Before Safety Suite – Disparate Departments Impacting Driver Coaching

Prior to using Safety Suite, whenever a driver was displaying at-risk behaviors, Medallion’s team would often call a driver or pull the driver aside for a meeting. They would show the driver the data they were seeing and begin a coaching conversation about how they could improve. While these meetings were effective, the lack of a centralized platform to store driver data majorly impacted their fleet and the time it took staff to prepare for these conversations.

“Before Safety Suite, when I wanted to perform a driver review I would have to go to the HOS team for their reports, the Roadside department for theirs, and Compliance for theirs’, which often slowed everything down.”

–Melissa Taylor-Pauls, VP of Safety, Medallion Transport Holdings

Under this system, it would take a minimum of 24 hours to prepare for a typical driver review. This time could be lengthened if a key member of another team was out sick or on vacation. Taken all together, this made preparing for driver reviews a labor-intensive affair.

After Safety Suite – A Command Center for Medallion’s Data

With Safety Suite, Medallion consolidated their driver data into a single, comprehensive platform. Safety Suite pulls in data from a fleet’s ELDs, cameras, HR systems, training provider, and more, to create a centralized command center for their data. With Safety Suite, data that was previously hosted by their fleet’s HOS team, or their Compliance team, could be accessed all in one system at one time.

“The time savings are huge. Being able to pull what I want, in what format I want, from one system has made everything so much easier. It puts time back in your day.”

–Melissa Taylor-Pauls, VP of Safety, Medallion Transport Holdings

Beyond centralizing Medallion’s data, Safety Suite also provides fleets with enhanced reporting capabilities, enabling users to view canned or build custom reports of their own. With these features, Medallion staff has reduced their preparation time for a driver review from 24 down to just one hour. These massive time-savings give Medallion’s team the ability to give each driver the time and attention they need to address their at-risk behavior.


Safety Suite has helped Medallion build an efficient, effective process for identifying risk and addressing it in a timely manner. In this way, Medallion is a prime example of a fleet that is using technology to confront an industry-wide issue head-on. Their ability to quickly address the root causes of risk behaviors and have more meaningful coaching conversations with their drivers is proof that technology like Safety Suite can serve as a powerful tool for responsible fleets.

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