Market Express: White Glove Onboarding with Safety Suite®

Market Express is a fleet of almost 400 drivers based out of Portland, Oregon, that offers dedicated, over the road, and regional truckload services in the Western 11 United States. MX Solutions also offers third Party Logistics and Intermodal services throughout North America. With a core value of “Safety First & Last,” Market Express invested in the Idelic Safety Suite® to improve their claims management, risk identification, and to proactively assign targeted training to the drivers that need it most.

Today, Market Express is live on the platform and executing on the initial goals that garnered their interest in Safety Suite. However, their ability to hit the ground running with a new system didn’t happen by chance. In an industry rife with “set it and forget it” customer relationships, Idelic stands out by providing customers with a rigorous, full-service onboarding program delivered by Safety Suite experts that always keep our clients’ best interests top of mind.

The Onboarding Experience: Testimony and What Makes It Work

Taking up a new technology system can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be with an intentional, guided deployment and training program. For Market Express, the standout features and team members that made Idelic’s onboarding a cut above the rest were:

Weekly Training Meetings with Videos

“I liked the fact that for the training we got videos of each [lesson]. We could train people beyond ‘Hey here’s you’re one training.’”

Denise Rugh, Director of Safety & Compliance, Market Express

While the Idelic team was hard at work building the integrations Market Express needed, their team sat in on weekly calls to learn more about Idelic’s key features, dive deeper into the modules they needed to operate their business, and become Safety Suite experts in their own right. For Market Express, these meetings lead them to discover new features they are implementing today, such as the Professional Development Plan (PDP) Module to document and execute on their driver training.

To provide a first-class onboarding experience for everyone at Market Express, including those working the night shift or irregular hours, these meetings were recorded for every team member to view at their convenience.

Hypercare – Twice-Weekly Meetings Post-Deployment

“I thought it was very helpful that you don’t just get released to Customer Service, you get someone to work through the details once you get into the system.’”

Denise Rugh, Director of Safety & Compliance, Market Express

After deployment, once a fleet has had time to work within Safety Suite, they begin Hypercare: a four-week period of twice-weekly meetings where the fleet and an Idelic Customer Success Agent kick the tires, resolve issues, and ensure a graceful transition. For Market Express, this additional, intensive care was extremely helpful, as it gave them an opportunity to quickly work through any issues they had and ask last-minute questions as new, full-time users of Safety Suite.

Top-Tier Support Staff

“’Kayla was very personable and engaging. You can tell her any problem you have and she will go and find you a solution… she is gonna make whatever my problem is, her problem.”

Denise Rugh, Director of Safety & Compliance, Market Express

From day one with Idelic, a Deployment Project Manager works one-on-one with a fleet to understand their needs, map out the scope of their integrations, and ensure their seamless transition into the new system. Following that, they’re assigned an Account Manager who has one responsibility: guarantee their success with Safety Suite. This Account Manager is available for questions, provides expert tips on how they can meet their goals on the platform, and lives and breathes their client’s business.

Training Terminal & Support Hub

“’I think it’s very user-friendly. You get there and it pretty much tells you ‘Here are your tickets, here’s the knowledge bases, and here’s anything that’s open.”

Denise Rugh, Director of Safety & Compliance, Market Express

With Idelic’s second-to-none Training Terminal and Support Hub, fleets are given access to a Safety Suite knowledge base, educational resources on a variety of trucking-related topics, and a portal to submit issue tickets. Today, Market Express is able to quickly bring new users up to speed with their own expertise and the training videos found in the Support Hub.


Market Express is no exception to the rule: the Idelic team takes pride in going the extra mile for our customers and ensuring a smooth, orderly transition to Safety Suite. If you’d like to learn more about Safety Suite and how fleets of all sizes have used it to:

then watch a 2-minute demo video or sign up for a deep dive here.