Seahawk Transport: Revolutionizing Safety with Technology

Idelic Customer Integration Story: Safety Suite & Samsara

35 Drivers | Tanker Fleet

Seahawk Transportation is a subdivision of Coulson Oil Company, Inc., which offers dealers safe, efficient and environmentally-sound fuel deliveries. In seeking to fulfill its mission, Seahawk Transport set out to drive improvement in three key areas: Safety culture, driver turnover, and training.

Key AreaThe Opportunity
Safety CultureSeahawk discovered gaps in safety culture and policies that could prohibit professional growth among their drivers and cause irregular adherence to safety procedures. Oftentimes, drivers weren’t aware of the unsafe behaviors they exhibited.
Driver TurnoverWhile Seahawk ensures all drivers have at least 2 years of OTR experience in the past 30 months, the fleet found that this standard was not high enough to guarantee that their retention, safety, and cultural needs were met. 
Professional Development & TrainingSeahawk’s safety team wanted to improve training and professional development for their drivers. Not only did they seek to implement more effective training, but also sought to more consistently log and track the training they administered.

The Solution 

Seahawk found the answer in technology: Idelic’s driver management platform, Safety Suite®, alongside Samsara’s ELD and dash cam technology. By combining Idelic’s advanced driver management technology with Samsara’s video-based safety program, Seahawk was able to turn data into action and revolutionize their safety program. 

Safety Culture and Policies

By implementing state-of-the-art dash cam technology, Seahawk has been able to show its drivers video footage of their on-the-road behaviors and instruct them on how to approach problematic situations in a safer way. Additionally, as a result of the Idelic-Samsara integration, Seahawk can now see drivers’ dash cam and ELD data alongside full incident records in Safety Suite. This has helped Seahawk identify the drivers most in need of training and take effective action. All together, Idelic and Samsara have helped Seahawk instruct on safe practices, target more effective training, and promote safety company-wide. 

Driver Turnover

Because Safety Suite centralizes fleet data and attaches each driver’s pre-hire, onboarding, and compliance records to driver profiles, Seahawk has the tools they need to examine their hiring process from front-to-back and raise standards without falling behind on compliance. During this transition to improved hiring standards, Seahawk’s new hiring and retention criteria initially led to additional turnover of unqualified drivers. Since completing the evolution, however, Seahawk’s newest class of drivers more readily fit the fleet’s culture, resulting in increased retention.

Professional Development and Training

Moving forward, Seahawk plans to use the Professional Development Plan (PDP) Module in Safety Suite to further improve retention and safety outcomes. Safety Suite’s PDP Module will enable Seahawk to assign, track, and automate training programs to ensure every PDP is successfully completed. By implementing a more effective training program and using their Samsara-generated data to assign targeted intervention to at-risk drivers, Seahawk is on the road to significant savings in crash, turnover, and insurance costs. 


Seahawk Transport Inc. discovered room for improvement in their safety program. Combining the power of Safety Suite’s advanced driver management solution with Samsara technology enabled their team to drive improvement toward an elevated safety culture and reduced driver turnover, as well as begin the process of implementing a strong professional development program to help Seahawk realize their vision of a safer tomorrow for their drivers. 

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