Conducting Real-time Orientation and Safety Meetings Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

Hayden Cardiff, Founder / Co-CEO, Idelic
Dr. Gina Anderson, CEO, Luma

COVID-19 has forced fleets to adopt new solutions for driver communication and training at a moment’s notice. Amid these challenges, fleets are discovering methods that are not only helping them manage this crisis, but are also proving to be effective and efficient procedures which can be implemented at their fleets for the long-haul. Watch as Idelic Founder / Co-CEO, Hayden Cardiff, and Dr. Gina Anderson, CEO of Luma, delve into the strategies available to fleets today to best communicate and conduct training during the Coronavirus pandemic. Learn how you and your fleet can:

  • Understand the types of training available, both in and out-of-the-classroom
  • Recognize the types of learners in your fleet and how to address their specific needs
  • Understand how to implement out-of-the-classroom strategies to best train drivers remotely
  • Approach new communication styles
  • Develop driver buy-in and reinforce your safety culture and training without in-person interactions

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