The Power of a Single System of Truth

800 drivers — Altoona, PA — Maintenance, Food, & Fuel

CLI Transport is a private fleet operating across six states with over 13 tankers, driving over 18 million miles, and delivering more than 1.7 billion gallons of petroleum products annually to all Sheetz locations. As a three-time ATA President’s Trophy winner, their mission is to provide safe, dependable, and efficient transportation service to Sheetz at a competitive cost.

“Safety Suite Platform is a more advanced risk-identifying tool than I’ve seen available on the market. It only takes a fleet wise enough to properly utilize it to see immediate and sustained results.”

– John Tippery, President



  • Ineffective ways to identify risky driver behavior to reduce losses
  • Limited driver coaching tools to improve driver habits
  • Disconnected systems made it difficult to assess a comprehensive view of risk


  • Normalize telematics data from Peoplenet, Speed Gauge, and Samsara
  • Implement Professional Development Plans to coach and improve driver behavior
  • Establish the Safety Suite Platform as the single source of truth for driver data


  • 52% reduction in preventable accidents within one year of using Idelic’s Professional Development Plans, while increasing the number of miles driven by 21%

Before: Multiple Systems Housing Driver Data Hindered Risk Identification and Accident Reduction

CLI Transport’s safety team had driver telematics data housed across three systems: PeopleNet, Speedgauge, and Samsara. Trying to leverage three separate systems for different alerts made it difficult for their team to understand driver risk despite a wealth of telematics data available. Concurrently, their driver training system didn’t provide visibility into certain training data and critical success factors which CLI needed to effectively coach their drivers.

To track the dedicated petroleum drivers’ behavior, they used Speedgauge solely for speeding and PeopleNet for other alerts like hard braking. Meanwhile, all telematics for their food and bakery division were tracked through Samsara. While this combination of systems reassured the safety team that they were collecting the most trustworthy data, they were unable to effectively use that data to see accident reduction. Each system generated different types and volumes of alerts, making the ability to compare drivers accurately almost impossible. Being unable to amalgamate and normalize their telematics alerts or have a single system of truth, CLI continued to incur preventable accidents.

After: A Single System of Truth Reduced CLI’s Preventable Accidents

Idelic partnered with CLI to first normalize the telematics alerts from the three systems, allowing the Safety Suite Platform’s Driver Watch List to accurately display their most at-risk drivers overall, despite which system was collecting the data. By assigning training to the drivers at the top of the Watch List, CLI could now get ahead of preventable accidents. John Tippery, President of CLI Transport said, “Safety Suite Platform is a more advanced risk-identifying tool than I’ve seen available on the market. It only takes a fleet wise enough to properly utilize it to see immediate and sustained results.”

CLI implemented Idelic’s Professional Development Plans, which allowed them to follow industry-leading coaching plans to address driver risk. For petroleum drivers, who require different training than food and bakery, CLI could configure these plans to meet those needs. Idelic was also able to pull in the driver training data which was previously unavailable. Combined, these capabilities helped the CLI team have a single system to manage drivers and train more effectively to reduce preventable accidents.

“CLI Transport is a leading fleet in driver safety and leveraging technology to accelerate their growth,” said Charles Allen, Customer Success Manager at Idelic. “Their adoption of professional development plans is impressive and even more impressive is their results.”

Results: Preventable Accidents During a Period of Growth

Within one year of using the Safety Suite Platform and Professional Development Plans (PDPs), CLI saw a 52% reduction in preventable accidents while the company increased the number of miles driven by 21%. Even with drivers on the road more frequently, accidents declined as a result of CLI’s newfound visibility into their data.

Obtaining a single, integrated view of fleet risk across the different driver divisions helped CLI pinpoint risk before a crash, while PDPs made their coaching the most effective, resulting in fewer accidents and reduce Total Cost of Risk (TCoR).