A Growing Fleet’s Road to Accident Reduction

600 Driver Fleet Case Study

Key Results

  • Drastic reduction in crashes
  • Mitigated risk during rapid growth
  • Achieved full system integration
  • Unlocked deeper insights into driver data
When you’re a trusted global manufacturer and distributor of life-saving technology, you can’t risk the safety of your own drivers. In 2017, an Illinois-based private fleet had nearly 600 drivers and two goals: Increase the size of their fleet, but also reduce the number and severity of accidents per year.

Facing over 50 preventable accidents each month, they were incurring unnecessary costs, high turnover, and the risk of not only their drivers’ lives but everyone on the road.

The Safety Team had thought all the right precautions and processes were in place to minimize preventable accidents, but their high accident rates persisted. In-cab technology and a strong safety culture were in place, but they knew they needed another solution to help drive results.

The Solution

After considering their greatest pain points, the Safety Team determined the necessary solution must facilitate better analysis of driver data, leading them to the most comprehensive driver management platform in the industry, the Idelic Safety Suite.

The Idelic Team made quick work in integrating their current fleet systems into the Safety Suite and training the Safety Team on the platform and best practices. With telematics, camera alerts, CSA violations, HR records, accident data, asset management, drug/alcohol tests, background checks, and performance plans in one place, it became easy to identify trends, spot at-risk drivers, and become proactive with coaching and training instead of strictly being reactive after an incident. The Safety Team began making data-driven decisions based on their new, elevated view of all the data from both inside the cab and in the back-office.

The fleet successfully grew close to 900 drivers, a 59% increase in only 2 years. Despite the added workload, this growth was not a challenge for the Safety Team, who were effectively managing their current drivers while quickly onboarding new ones using the Safety Suite.

The Results

The results were clear. Accidents per driver reduced by 52%,  thus lowering injuries sustained from accidents by over 26%. The Safety Team’s data-driven decisions empowered them to immediately take action toward correcting at-risk behavior. They helped their fleet reduce costs related to accidents and turnover, improve safety operations, and protect the lives of their drivers.

At Idelic, bringing drivers home safely each night is our primary mission, but that mission isn’t our only goal. We aim to help our customers prevent accidents, lower driver turnover, and reduce insurance through our comprehensive driver management platform, the Idelic Safety Suite.

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