Wadhams Enterprises Deploys Safety Suite, Unlocks Control of Their Data and Operations with Idelic

Rist Transport Ltd, ARG Trucking Corp, & Earl T Wadhams Inc., all subsidiaries of Wadhams Enterprises, Inc., have taken a step to improve safety and reduce risk by deploying the Idelic Safety Suite® across all three divisions of its fleet. With Safety Suite, the trucking industry’s leading driver management platform, Wadhams will be streamlining workflows, identifying at-risk drivers with machine learning models, and segmenting processes across its three divisions.

Wadhams is a family-owned multi-faceted carrier with two tanker business units hauling milk and petroleum, as well as two business units hauling general commodities both LTL and TL, headquartered in Phelps, NY. The carrier has invested in the best-in-class safety and risk management solutions in Safety Suite to maintain its high standards of prompt, professional, and safe service.

“Safety Suite is our safety and risk management solution of choice because we believe it can help us continue to live out our core values of reliability, flexibility, integrity, and customer service. Ultimately achieving our goal of being the Employer of choice & Carrier of Choice,” said Steve Wadhams, President of Wadhams Enterprises.

Wadhams was looking for a solution that would streamline processes within their Safety, Risk, and Compliance departments. Their ideal solution would also give them control over their driver data, giving them visibility into insights like which drivers are most at-risk of a crash and enabling them to take proactive action to prevent that crash before it occurs.

Safety Suite breaks down barriers between a fleet’s Safety, Risk, and Compliance teams by giving them control over their data and enabling cross-department workflows. With Safety Suite, every department can work from the same platform and share the data critical to their operations. Risk managers can seamlessly take action based on a trainer’s on-the-ground insights, and compliance managers can easily access data generated by the Safety Team. By giving fleets a single platform to conduct their operations in, Safety Suite empowers them to fully integrate their workflows, data, and performance.

Safety Suite also uses machine learning models to analyze all fleet data, identify which drivers are most at-risk of a crash, inform managers why they’re at-risk, and help prescribe corrective action to improve behavior and prevent crashes from happening in the first place.

Wadhams was also looking for a solution that could effectively segment their three fleets in order to optimize workflows. With Safety Suite, multi-fleet carriers like Wadhams can perform their processes in a workspace containing all of their cross-fleet data or they can set up unique workspaces for each division of their fleet. This gives carriers like Wadhams the ability to view their bulk transportation and commodity fleets separately or as a whole, depending on their needs.

“We’re excited to help family-owned businesses like Wadhams step into the future of safety and risk management,” said Hayden Cardiff, Founder and Co-CEO of Idelic. “Their core values align perfectly with our core values of safety, innovation, passion, quality, and collaboration, so we see this partnership as a perfect fit.”

About Idelic

Idelic helps transportation fleets save time, money, and lives. The Idelic Safety Suite® is the most comprehensive driver management platform in the transportation industry, integrating all fleet data systems into one single data management platform, giving fleets unparalleled visibility into their drivers’ behavior and safety operations. With an industry-leading Driver Watch List that utilizes advanced, proprietary Machine Learning (ML) technology, the Idelic Safety Suite helps fleets prevent crashes, reduce turnover, and lower insurance costs.

About Wadhams Enterprises, Inc.

Wadhams Enterprises, Inc. is a Family Owned and Operated Transportation Company with Corporate Headquarters in Phelps, NY. Wadhams combines the flexibility and capacity of a large business, with the personal, friendly, and service-oriented approach of a family-run business. Earl T. Wadhams, affectionately known as “Red,” started the business when he purchased his first milk hauling truck in 1949. Today, his sons Rick and Steve are proud to work with over 700 employees, and maintain a fleet of 400+ Power units and 800 trailers in all divisions. Over the past six decades, Wadhams has expanded into three distinct divisions: Earl T. Wadhams, Inc. – Growing Bulk Farm Pick up Milk Hauling, ARG Trucking Corp. – Regional Transporter of Bulk Petroleum Products and Propane Gas, RIST Transport, Ltd. – Regional North East Truck Load & LTL Carrier providing quality service.

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