Industry Veteran Chris Bair Joins Idelic as VP of Sales to Continue Double-Digit Growth

Pittsburgh, PA – Idelic, a leading provider of driver safety and loss reduction solutions for the trucking industry, announced today that Chris Bair has joined the company as Vice President of Sales. Based in Northern California, Bair has over 12 years of successful leadership experience, having most recently contributed to the growth and scaling of Motive and previously at Samsara.

“We are thrilled to welcome Chris to the Idelic team,” said Nick Bartel, Idelic’s Chief Executive Officer. “His commitment to excellence coupled with deep industry knowledge and relationships complement our commitment to providing value and continuing to partner with fleets to keep drivers safe and reduce losses.”

Bair has a decade-long track record of driving sales growth. During his time at NGINX, he helped scale the company from $2M to $15M before being acquired by F5 for $670M and more recently at Samsara growing from $3M to over $200M. His passion for the industry and Idelic’s potential for significant growth over the next year led him to accept the role.

“As the trucking industry continues to evolve, safety remains a top priority for fleets,” said Bair. “Investments in safety technologies such as Idelic Safety Suite, which enables fleets to focus on preventing accidents with predictive monitoring and proactive coaching, are critical to ensuring the safety of drivers. Preventing accidents is directly tied to a fleet’s profitability, reducing their Total Cost of Risk (TCoR) and improving operational efficiency. It’s a real need that can’t be solved with people alone and requires technology that extends the capacity and decision-making capabilities of safety teams.”

Over the next several months, Bair will focus on building strong customer relationships, identifying new target markets, scaling the commercial team for future growth, and driving continued customer acquisition.

With Bair on board, Idelic is well-positioned to continue its double-digit growth and maintain its position as a leader in driver safety and loss reduction solutions for the trucking industry.

About Idelic:

Idelic is focused on reducing crashes and lowering losses for the transportation industry through the combination of process and technology. Combining the Idelic Driver Safety Playbook with Safety Suite®, the first end-to-end driver performance management solution, Idelic offers fleets the opportunity to consolidate their existing driver data and systems into one streamlined platform, analyze it with proprietary machine learning models, and take action on hidden insights. Idelic Insurance intends to provide fleets with competitive quotes through a transparent underwriting process by leveraging all driver behavioral data. With an advanced AI-based Driver Watch List, a robust integration network, proven driver training plans, and deep industry knowledge, Idelic can help fleets decrease liability, prevent crashes, and reduce turnover.

For more information, visit https://idelic.com.

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