Idelic Launches Transportation’s Most Comprehensive Driver Scorecards

May 23, 2024

Idelic is excited to announce the launch of its new Driver Scorecards feature within Safety Suite. Unlike many scorecard systems used by fleets today, Idelic’s Scorecards integrate data from dozens of sources into a single, user-friendly assessment tool, providing fleet safety managers with quick and clear insights into driver performance.

Idelic’s Driver Scorecards are designed to address the limitations of traditional driver performance assessments by providing a highly customizable, data-driven approach. This new feature enables safety managers to assign varying weights to events such as accident frequency, speeding, citations, complaints, and telematics alerts, drawing from a wide array of data already integrated within the Safety Suite platform. By allowing for the customization of performance metrics, Idelic gives fleets the tools they need to create defensible, scalable driver evaluations and recognition programs.

“Our new Scorecards will create significant time savings for Idelic customers. We’re automating the process and eliminating the time that safety professionals spend every month pulling data from multiple systems, matching it to drivers, scoring it, and distributing it. Not only does this save time, but it reduces human errors and makes it easier for safety teams to report on data that was previously just too hard to retrieve and use.” says Brian Filip, CTO of Idelic.

The introduction of Scorecards complements existing features within Safety Suite, including the Driver Watch List, which sources driver data from countless integration partners and applies AI and advanced Machine Learning to identify drivers who are at risk of an accident. When used together, these tools provide a comprehensive view of driver behavior, enabling fleets to take preventative measures and corrective actions, as well as run positive recognition programs.

Idelic’s Scorecards are set to not only improve safety outcomes but also help fleets manage driver performance more effectively, fostering a culture of safety and recognition that aligns with a fleet’s unique goals. This feature represents a pivotal step in Idelic’s mission to bring drivers home safely every night and underscores the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and leadership in fleet safety technology.

Request a live demo of Idelic’s new Scorecards here.

About Idelic

Idelic is the leader in fleet safety innovation. Founded by experts in transportation safety and data science, Idelic’s Safety Suite® is the most comprehensive fleet safety management platform in the industry. It helps fleets improve safety, manage risk, and enhance operational efficiency. Idelic is committed to helping bring drivers home safe each night.

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