Idelic Announces Partnership with Instructional Technologies

Idelic, a Pittsburgh-based startup focused on trucking and transportation safety, announced its partnership with Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI), an online driver training provider. Through this partnership, Idelic has integrated ITI’s driver training software, PRO-TREAD®, into the Idelic Safety Suite. Now, PRO-TREAD training will automatically update driver profiles in the Safety Suite, and training scheduled from the Safety Suite will now populate ITI’s Sentix® learning management system.

Idelic Founder and CEO, Hayden Cardiff, explained, “By integrating with ITI, drivers and their managers benefit through full driver life cycle management. Coupling PRO-TREAD trainings with Idelic’s comprehensive driver management and predictive analytics allows fleets to understand driver risk, identify how best to train them, and provide scalable content that directly affects and improves their behavior.”

Through this integration, all fleet training data will be accessible alongside all other driver data in one platform. Drivers identified as being at-risk with Idelic’s AI-based predictive analytics can be easily assigned tailored training and coaching from ITI’s top-tier training service. This functionality will assist fleets in preventing accidents before a major incident occurs.

Marius Karoy, Chief Business Development Officer at ITI commented on the partnership, saying, “Idelic is a forward-thinking software company helping fleets crystallize actionable insights from a firehose of data.” Karoy continued, “Often, when it comes to driver and telematics data, assigning training is the fastest action with the biggest reduction in liability. It shows that not only does the company actively pay attention to their drivers, but targeted training shows the fleet wants to help them improve as individuals.”

This partnership marks another step forward for the transportation and trucking industry. ITI and Idelic’s combined industry and technical knowledge will foster new opportunities to educate their customers and networks on fleet safety and driver management. This partnership will continue to improve safety for Idelic and ITI drivers and those sharing the roads with them.


Idelic helps transportation fleets save time, money, and lives. The Idelic Safety Suite is the most comprehensive driver management platform in the transportation industry, integrating all fleet data systems into one single data management platform, giving fleets unparalleled visibility into their drivers’ behavior and safety operations. With an industry-leading Driver Watch List that utilizes advanced, proprietary Machine Learning (ML) technology, the Idelic Safety Suite helps fleets prevent accidents, reduce turnover, and lower insurance costs. 


Founded in 1995 and based in Vancouver, Washington, Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI) is the leading provider of online training to the transportation industry. The company’s commitment to training is based on the principles of mastery learning, accurate and automated record keeping, and up-to-date information that ensure personnel have been effectively trained and detailed records kept. ITI makes fleets and warehouses safer and more profitable through its large PRO-TREAD® library, On Ramp™ ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training) for CDL schools, and its Sentix® learning management system. Transportation and logistics companies choose ITI because of its automated learning management system, custom training capabilities, flexible lesson methodologies, and engaging 3D animations that improve retention, ensure subject matter mastery and lower the total cost of training. For more information, please visit www.instructiontech.net.

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