Dot Transportation Turns Data into Action with Safety Suite®, Unlocking Safety and Operational Efficiency

Dot Transportation, Inc., an affiliate of Dot Foods, North America’s largest food industry redistributor with 6,400 employees and 12 distribution centers across the country, is investing in the next generation of safety technology to cement their status as an innovative fleet that positively contributes to the success of their business partners. 

Dot Transportation has announced an initiative to improve safety and reduce risk by deploying the Idelic Safety Suite® across their entire fleet of over 1,700 drivers. With Safety Suite, the trucking industry’s leading driver management platform, Dot Transportation will be consolidating data under a single platform, overhauling their risk management, improving training processes, and using artificial intelligence to prevent crashes before they occur.

“We chose to invest in Safety Suite because we believe it can help us elevate our safety and service to a new level. Our customers have already come to expect the highest standard of safety and reliability, and Idelic puts us in a position to exceed our industry-leading record,” said Dot Transportation’s Tim Eckhardt, Director of Safety.

Dot Transportation was looking for a solution that would consolidate driver data under a single platform, giving them a centralized view of their drivers’ safety, compliance, and behavioral information. Their ideal solution would also turn their driver data into actionable intelligence, providing them with valuable insights such as which drivers are most at risk of a crash.

For Dot Transportation, Safety Suite was the only solution that met all the criteria they were searching for. Safety Suite integrates fleet technology systems, consolidating all driver data into a single platform to construct a comprehensive profile for each driver. Safety Suite also uses machine learning models to analyze all fleet data, identify which drivers are most at risk of a crash, inform managers why they’re at-risk, and help prescribe corrective action to improve behavior and prevent crashes from happening in the first place.

Additionally, Dot Transportation needed a safety solution that could replace their internal risk management tool. For many fleets, Safety Suite serves as both a driver and a risk management platform. Safety Suite enables effective accident and claims management by creating a single integrated solution to manage all crash-related details, documentation, and videos, that enables fleet professionals to instantly pull incident records when needed. It also facilitates the claims process to improve the first notice of loss, dramatically reduce the total claims cycle, and lower overall claims costs.

Dot Transportation wanted to better facilitate their training and professional development plan monitoring with data. Safety Suite’s Professional Development Module helps managers assign targeted training to at-risk drivers and track performance improvement from start to finish.

“Dot Transportation provides an incredibly valuable service, and does so with the highest regard to overall fleet safety,” said Hayden Cardiff, Founder and Co-CEO of Idelic. “As a company, we want to work with proactive fleets that align with our core values, and Dot Transportation is a perfect fit.”

About Idelic

Idelic helps transportation fleets save time, money, and lives. The Idelic Safety Suite® is the most comprehensive driver management platform in the transportation industry, consolidating all fleet data systems into one single data management platform, giving fleets unparalleled visibility into their drivers’ behavior and safety operations. With an industry-leading Driver Watch List that utilizes advanced, proprietary Machine Learning (ML) technology, the Idelic Safety Suite helps fleets prevent crashes, reduce turnover, and lower insurance costs. 

About Dot Foods & Dot Transportation

Dot Foods, Inc. carries 134,000 products from 1,000 food industry manufacturers making it the largest food industry redistributor in North America. Through Dot Transportation, Inc., an affiliate of Dot Foods, the company distributes foodservice, convenience, retail and vending products to distributors in all 50 states and more than 45 countries. Dot Foods operates 12 U. S. distribution centers, which are located in Bullhead City, Arizona; Modesto, California; Bear, Delaware; Vidalia, Georgia; Burley, Idaho; Mt. Sterling, Illinois; University Park, Illinois; Cambridge City, Indiana; Williamsport, Maryland; Liverpool, New York; Ardmore, Oklahoma; and Dyersburg, Tennessee. Dot Foods’ Canadian operations are located in Toronto, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta. For information, visit DotFoods.com.

Dot Foods and Dot Transportation continue to experience exceptional growth. Both companies are looking to fill several positions for full and part-time drivers and warehouse personnel in all U.S. locations. To learn more about careers at Dot Foods visit DotFoods.com/careers and follow @DotFoodsCareers.  For more on opportunities available with Dot Transportation, visit DriveForDot.com.

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