Idelic Demo Series Special Edition

Integrating Your Fleet Data: Seeing it All in One Platform

February 11, 2022
12:00 PM ET

Profile photo for Walter StarnesSPEAKER:
Walter Starnes, Account Executive Mid Market, Idelic

ELDs, cameras, telematics, training, HR systems, asset management, and more; the number of systems fleets use today is growing and collecting extremely valuable data. Unfortunately, while the amount of data is growing, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and make sense of, rendering it almost useless, and even a liability.

Join Idelic for a discussion on how Safety Suite integrates all your systems into one platform, helping you actually use the data you’re gathering on a daily basis to reduce accidents, lower risk, and retain drivers. 

In this presentation, we will showcase how:

  • To analyze the firehose of data hitting fleets every day
  • The Driver Watch List analyzes that data with more accuracy than a scorecard 
  • Fleets are taking action based on their data and seeing real results

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