Understand and Proactively Address Portfolio Risk on a Whole New Level 

Idelic’s Safety Suite Platform for insurers and brokers revolutionizes the approach to risk selection, monitoring, and mitigation to improve portfolio profitability. Better insights help underwriting make more informed pricing decisions & risk management can prioritize intervention programs.

Equip Your Team to Drive Portfolio Profitability

Improve underwriting accuracy with increased visibility into event level telematics and camera data

See the context of relative risk, informing more accurate and profitable pricing during underwriting

Reduce loss ratios by focusing loss control efforts on the riskiest fleets within your portfolio

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of limited loss control resources

Improve renewals with year-round monitoring of benchmarked fleet and driver performance

Idelic’s proven predictive analytics platform provides access to a vast set of fleet driver performance data including telematics, cameras, FMCSA, and claims in a single view to better inform underwriting, monitor portfolio risk, and prioritize mitigation programs.

Visibility into driver-level telematics detail gives underwriters unparalleled new insights before binding new policies. With deeper insights into portfolio level fleet risk, risk management teams can benchmark performance, identify insureds that need more attention, understand why they’re at risk, prioritize intervention programs, and adjust service levels to see quantified improvements in crash frequency, loss ratio, retention, claim quality, and efficiency.

With these new insights, you are able to dramatically improve the bottom line profitability of your commercial auto books.

What if Your Commercial Auto Portfolio Reduced Accidents by 20% in One Year?

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Turn Data into Insights with Predictive Analytics

Idelic’s predictive analytics platform gives you access to a wealth of fleet performance data, all consolidated into a single view, regardless of which vendors your insureds use. Telematics, cameras, FMCSA records, and claims data are just a few of the critical data sources that empower you to make more informed underwriting decisions, monitor portfolio risk more effectively, and prioritize your risk mitigation programs.

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Turn Data into Insights with Predictive Analytics

Quantifiable Improvements in Profitability

With deeper insights into portfolio-level fleet risk, our platform allows your risk management teams to identify commercial auto fleets that require more attention and understand the underlying reasons for their risk exposure. Prioritize intervention programs and adjust service levels to see quantified improvements in crucial metrics such as crash frequency, loss ratio, retention, claim quality, and efficiency – all essential factors for improving the profitability of your commercial auto books.

Fleets are Using Idelic’s Safety Suite Platform to Reduce Risk

Machine learning (ML) powered predictive analytics and best-in-class coaching solutions, help connect safety, operations and driver teams to transform everyday safety initiatives into fleet wide loss reduction.


Our industry leading integration platform brings fleet’s driver data into a single view including driver info and CDLs, accidents, camera events, telematics, inspections and violations, etc.

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Utilizing our 40B miles of data coupled with your fleet’s integrated data, our machine learning (ML) powered predictive analytics reveal patterns in driver behavior and indicate potential risk before accidents occur.

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Behavior-based coaching tools give safety teams automated step-by-step strategies to address risky driver behaviors, proven to be more effective than training to individual telematic incidents alone.

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When teams are armed with risk prediction insights and behavior specific driver coaching strategies, preventable accidents are reduced by 20%* in the first year, measurably lowering the Total Cost of Risk (TCoR).

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