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Participating in an Idelic Insurance Outcomes Consultation is a fast-track way to better understand how we help fleets reduce preventable accidents, reduce losses and improve insurance outcomes. We’ll keep it conversational and focus on the program elements that are most important to your fleet.

What We’d Learn About You:

  • How you learned about the Idelic Program
  • A bit more about your fleet 
  • What your goals are related to improving insurance outcomes

What We’ll Cover:

  • Who we are and why we’re committed to improving insurance outcomes for fleets
  • What we’re seeing in the commercial auto fleet insurance landscape
  • Success we’re seeing in other Idelic Program fleets
  • Idelic Program Overview
    • Safety Suite 
    • Idelic Driver Safety Playbook

The Idelic Program & How It Works For You


Utilize a comprehensive set of integrations to your most important systems containing driver behavior data.


Idelic’s proprietary AI-powered Driver Watch list identifies patterns of behavior in your data to help you intervene with your most risky drivers.


Implement step-by-step professional development plans and coaching techniques to improve driver behavior.


Reduce preventable crashes and claims, improve driver safety, and obtain insurance rates that reflect your success.

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