Welcome to the Idelic Nuclear Verdicts Toolkit! Below you’ll find webinars, whitepapers, eBooks, tips, and videos on reducing liability, improving risk and claims management, and using technology to fight back against the rising tide of Nuclear Verdicts.

We hope this toolkit will help you go on offense against the liability within your organization and stay on the road to a safer tomorrow.

eBooks and Whitepapers

Preventing Nuclear Verdicts: In Court and the Back Office

Read about the tactics plaintiff’s attorneys use against fleets and find a step-by-step walkthrough of a trial.


6 Ways to Mitigate Risk, Reduce Insurance, & Avoid a Nuclear Verdict

Rising insurance costs are tied to rising Nuclear Verdicts. Learn six actionable steps you can take today to reduce your fleet’s liability.


Featured Blogs

No, Nuclear Verdicts Don’t Happen to “Just Anyone”

Safety Managers On Trial – Plaintiff’s Attorneys New Strategy

Preventing a Nuclear Verdict: Proper Driver File Management

Preventing Nuclear Verdicts: How Your Fleet Departments Can Work Together

Is Your Pre-Hire Process Putting You At Risk for a Nuclear Verdict?

Webinars and Videos

Preventing Nuclear Verdicts Before and After a Crash

Watch as veteran transportation lawyers discuss the specific steps you should take before and after a crash to stave off a Nuclear Verdict.


Preventing Nuclear Verdicts Whether You’re at Fault or Not

Regardless of the circumstances of a crash, you deserve the best representation and information on reducing liability available. Find it here.


Additional Webinars

Preventing Nuclear Verdicts: Stop Your Data From Working Against You

Reducing Risk of a Nuclear Verdict by Employing Effective Pre & Post-Hire Processes

How Are Fleets Preventing Accidents with Technology?

Learn How Safety Suite Helps to Reduce Your Liability

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