Idelic is looking for our next fleet leader to sit down on our Fleet Leader Chat series! 

Do you have the expertise to share? We are seeking exceptional leaders with a proven track record of leveraging technology (like Safety Suite®) to reduce risk, improve efficiencies, and build strong safety cultures in their fleet to be featured on our Idelic Fleet Leader Chat series.

Fleet Leaders have:

  • A passion for innovation & using technology to drive key performance indicators at their fleet 
  • Tips and experiences to share outside of how they are using Safety Suite
  • Best practices in Safety Suite that help their teams be successful 

Potential Expertise Areas (Not Inclusive – Surprise Us!)

  • Change Management (Driver Engagement & Buy-in to Driver Safety Programs)
  • Fleet Safety Performance Analytics and Reporting
  • Professional Development Plan (PDP) Roll-out and Adoption
  • Effective Driver Watch List utilization and adoption
  • Driver Safety Technology Purchase Decisions and Criteria
  • Front-Line Manager Safety Suite Adoption
  • Driver Retention Strategies – Focus on the Good Behavior not just the bad
  • Commercial Auto Fleet Insurance – Stabilization or reduction of rates

Watch our last Fleet Leader Chat here.

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