Idelic Demo Series

Using Your Driver Data to Impact Insurance

Friday, July 8th // 12 PM ET

Michael Gramm, Senior Vice President of Insurance, Idelic

Your driver data can be a valuable ally when it comes to lowering your accidents, claims, liability, and even insurance premiums. Fleets today collect enough data to become more than just a CSA score, but need the right Driver Performance Management program in place to do so. 

Join Idelic’s SVP of Insurance Michael Gramm for a discussion on how Safety Suite can help you build a strong Driver Performance Management program including:

  • Standardized and automated safety program
  • Well-documented escalation process for reducing liability & strengthening your case in court 
  • Data organization hierarchy which can present a more encompassing package to insurers through inclusion of tenure bands, driver risk, and training plans
  • Use of rich driver behavioral data for identifying high-risk drivers and coaching for risk reduction
  • Platform of tools for reducing both the frequency and severity of future accidents


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