Your Drivers, Their Safety, ONE PLATFORM

Partnering with Idelic can help you proactively identify risk, prevent crashes, and improve insurance outcomes through Idelic’s two-fold program combining process & technology.

By implementing Idelic’s Driver Safety Playbook and Safety Suite®, we guarantee a 15% reduction in accidents within your first year on the Idelic program.*

 *Guarantee based upon Idelic Program requirements outlined in contract language.


Improve Dividends

Reduce accidents & claims, generate buy-in with other fleets in your captive, and see significant dividend returns.

Lower Losses

Improve group loss experience to combat rate hikes while also gaining stability in your insurance rates.

Increase Visibility

Pinpoint the highest areas of risk using your driver data to proactively prevents and reduce your costs.



Safety Suite integrates the most relevant driver behavior data into a single view. This enables you to make more rapid informed decisions related to driver safety and crash reduction.

  • Driver / CDL information
  • Onboard Telematics
  • HoS Violations
  • Accident / Risk information
  • Mileage / Driver Hours
  • Training / LMS
  • FMCSA Portal
  • Onboard Video Systems

Driver Safety Playbook

The Idelic Driver Safety Playbook, is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step, prescriptive driver safety program proven to reduce accidents by 20% on average.

Safety Suite®

The Idelic Safety Suite® helps you effectively implement the Playbook with the industry’s broadest integration marketplace to consolidate your data, advanced ML to identify risk, and intuitive workflows to improve driver behavior.


Participating in an initial Idelic Consultation is a fast-track way to better understand how we help fleets reduce preventable accidents, reduce losses and improve insurance outcomes. We’ll keep it conversational and focus on the program elements that are most important to your fleet.

What We’d Learn About You:

  • How you learned about the Idelic Program
  • A bit more about your fleet 
  • What your goals are related to improving insurance outcomes

What We’ll Cover:

  • Who we are and why we’re committed to improving insurance outcomes for fleets
  • What we’re seeing in the commercial auto fleet insurance landscape
  • Success we’re seeing in other Idelic Program fleets
  • Idelic Program Overview
    • Safety Suite 
    • Idelic Driver Safety Playbook