“Idelic Safety Suite was an opportunity to aggregate all of the various safety data whether it’s accident data, CSA data, ELD data, training data, or event video recorders. If we can have a holistic approach to identifying risk then we have a better opportunity to be more proactive about it and mitigate that risk early rather than having to wait for an accident to happen….”

Alex Guariento
Vice President, Safety, Trimac Transportation

Meet Some of Our Customers

“Safety is our core value. The Idelic Safety Suite and the predictive modeling in the Driver Watch List allows us to see what could or will happen if driver intervention doesn't occur. Idelic helps us get in front of drivers we know need coaching to make them better drivers for Quantix and better drivers for themselves...In 3 months we're seeing Watch List Scores improve and CSA scores improving and that's a big deal."

Travis O'Banion Sr. Director of Transportation Safety, Quantix