Better Insurance Outcomes for Every Fleet

Fleets come in all sizes and structures and require insurance programs that are equally diverse. Whether your fleet is part of a captive group, self-insured, or with an insurer of your choice – the Idelic Program can help reduce accidents and lower losses.

Improved Risk Profile with Data-Driven Insights

Show insurers sustained crash reduction data based on proactive driver coaching and improved Driver Watch List scores.

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Accelerated Loss Reduction to Lower Costs

See a sustainable reduction in preventable accidents on average, 11% within 3 months and 20% within 12 months resulting in preferred renewal pricing.

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Reduced Group Losses to Improve Dividends

With a reduction in group losses, fleets in a captive group retain more dividends and negotiation power. Captive fleets may qualify for additional pricing discounts based upon member participation.

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Lowered Claim Costs with Fewer Crashes

With fewer preventable accidents, fleets that are self-insured can reduce the cost of out-of-pocket expenses associated with claims.

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Preferred Risk Management Partner Program

Special Benefit for Existing Nationwide Customers

Nationwide and Idelic recently partnered to provide existing Nationwide customers with even more value. Sign up for an outcomes consultation and learn more about this special program

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“The power of Idelic’s Safety Suite is clear: motor carriers can harness and leverage large amounts of data already being collected and create actionable insights that reduce risk for their fleet. Our partnership extends our already deep reach into the data-driven world that will translate into even safer fleets. Our dedication to protecting businesses with extraordinary care is boldly stated with this new partnership.”

- Gary Flaherty Senior Vice President of E&S Commercial Auto at Nationwide

Idelic Insurance

Be Rewarded for Your Fleet’s Safety Commitment

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A Real Fleet’s Proven Success


Accidents Per Driver: ⇣ – 64.7%
Loss Time Injury Rate: ⇣– 23%


Injury Costs: $7.3M ⇣ $5.4M ($1.9M)


Average Watch List Score: ⇣ 9 points (15%)
Highest Watch List Score: ⇣ 10 Points (12%)

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