Organize your data

Safety Suite is more than just a dashboard, it’s a data powerhouse, allowing you to add, edit, and report on every piece of data within your fleet. Not sure of what to report on? We also provide custom templates and out-of-the-box reports that fit your fleet’s unique needs.

Understand your data

Safety Suite uses the most advanced AI and machine learning models in the industry to sort through your firehose of data to reveal insights that no other platform can uncover.

Reduce Turnover

Contrary to popular belief, high turnover can be significantly reduced by using the right tools. With Safety Suite, you’ll see your turnover drop through:

Retention by Prevention

By predicting and preventing crashes before they occur, we turn at-risk drivers into safety award winners, keeping those who could otherwise face termination at your fleet for the long-haul.

Helping Drivers Feel Watched After, Not Over

With Safety Suite, managers can help drivers better understand their behavior. Drivers need to know where they stand, and we provide the tools so they can see their areas of improvement and proactively take action.

Automated Touchpoints

Fleets can automate weekly check-ins, birthday and anniversary messages, and general outreach with their drivers, keeping the engagement between driver and manager consistent and strong.

Effective Award Programs

Drivers need and deserve acknowledgment for a job well done. With Safety Suite, managers can set criteria for receiving awards and automatically generate a list of who qualifies in seconds.

Gain Buy-in During Onboarding

Safety Suite generates automated and engaging onboarding plans that help drivers connect with your fleet and culture. Daily tasks include templated discussion points and facilitate higher collaboration with drivers.

See your fleet’s custom ROI using Safety Suite

Access Your Fleet’s ROI

Lower Insurance & Liability

Organized Data

With statistics on tenure bands, driver risk, and training plans, Safety Suite users can show insurers the data beyond their CSA scores.

Standardized Escalation Process

With a standardized, automated, and recorded escalation process, fleets can reduce their liability and prove to a jury they did their due diligence and fully adhered to their safety program.

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