Welcome to the Idelic Driver Professional Development Toolkit! Below you’ll find webinars, whitepapers, eBooks, tips, and videos on effective training, coaching on accident predictors, and using technology to institute a well-rounded professional development program at your fleet.

We hope this toolkit will help you build a program for professional development that keeps drivers engaged and at your fleet for the long haul.

Webinars and Videos

Curing Bad Behaviors: Coaching on Accident Predictors

Learn the most common unsafe behaviors and what your fleet can do to address them.


Additional Webinars

Employing Effective Driver Training & Engagement Strategies

Driver Professional Development: Building a Program That Works


Lastly, Is Your Professional Development Program Working For You?

Running an effective professional development program can be tough, but fortunately, many fleets have discovered strategies that can make it significantly easier, like building accountability into the training process and effectively utilizing your driver data to spot risk. While that may sound difficult to do, there is technology that can help.

The Idelic Safety Suite® is the industry’s leading driver management platform, helping fleets consolidate driver data from their third-party systems in a single location. With Safety Suite, fleets of all sizes have built a professional development program from scratch, improved driver engagement, and even reduced accidents by 52%.

With Safety Suite, fleets can:

  • Institute a standardized, high-visibility system for training and engaging with drivers
  • Build accountability into their onboarding and development processes
  • Consolidate their driver data into a single platform
  • Use AI to immediately know which drivers are at risk of a crash

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