Attract, Retain and Recognize with World-Class Coaching

Prioritizing the safety and well-being of your drivers is not just a choice; it’s an imperative to becoming a competitive, thriving, profitable fleet.

Idelic’s coaching tools include;

  • Industry endorsed driver coaching strategies
  • Customizable coaching plan templates
  • Behavior specific tasks and talking points for managers and drivers
  • Reports, trends and analysis to keep everyone informed on progress

Fleets who utilize Idelic’s platform see an improvement in driver behavior while building an empowered  safety, operations and driver team that works together to achieve safety goals.

Train to Build Knowledge, Coach to Build Skills

At Idelic we firmly believe in a proactive approach to driver coaching. Fleets utilizing our industry endorsed driver professional development plans (PDPs) and manager resources see up to a 20% reduction in preventable accidents within one year.

While incident-based training has its merits, it reactively addresses issues after they occur, leaving room for repeat mistakes and ongoing risk. By focusing on patterns of specific risky driving behaviors, our plans go beyond incident-based reactions to cultivate a fleet culture of continuous growth, reducing risk, improving driver retention and profitability.

Idelic’s Crash Prediction + Driver Coaching- Actionable Insights to Reduce Risk

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Driver Coaching With Proven Results

Analyzing over 9,000 completed PDPs, fleets that consistently coach the top 10% of their drivers who appear on the Driver Watch List see dramatically improved driver behavior.

Average Watch List score reduction after PDP Start – All TForce Drivers with Started PDPs

Telematic Events

26% reduction (Average reduction 90 days after PDP.)

Watch List Scores

31% reduction (Average reduction 90 days after PDP.)


9% reduction  (Average accident reduction after 1 year.)
6.6:1 ROI ($1,100/month average TCOR, reduced by 9%)
$3.6B in potential industry value


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What Fleets Are Saying

“If we can paint a complete picture of a professional driver, it’s not about ‘gotcha’…it’s about coaching and raising the bar. We use Idelic collaboratively with our professional drivers to help them develop and make them better at what they do. We all need coaching, and this has been a way to let them see their data so we’re on the same side of the table with our drivers using data to make the company and them better.”

Brian Fielkow
Board of Directors Member, Jetco, a GTI Company

“With the PDP format… it gave me a more focused way to talk…It opened up that coaching conversation. The talking points organize the conversation… It’s a conduit. It’s what guides where we’re going and how to do it. We have what we want to do in our minds, and it helps guide that and express it across the organization.”

Cody McClain
Director of Safety & HR, Tucker Freight Lines