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We take pride in our unique ability to integrate Idelic’s Safety Suite Platform with 75+ technology systems into a comprehensive view. With our extensive integration capabilities, we unlock the true potential of your data, empowering you to make well-informed decisions to reduce risk and maximize the effectiveness of your safety programs.

Spend Less Time Pivoting Spreadsheets and More Time Prioritizing Safety

Our focus is on building the most complete predictive view of driver risk your safety and operations teams trust. With all of your data integrated into a single view you can prioritize coaching and intervention to drivers and terminals that need the most attention to prevent accidents. We have expertise in bringing in accident and risk information, drivers and CDLs, FMCSA data, HoS violations, onboard telematics, onboard video systems, training and LMS data along with other customer solutions.

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Right-Time Visibility to Maximize Accurate Accident Prediction

More is not always better when it comes to data

Building an accurate view of risk prediction means we want to focus on integrating the data that is most meaningful in measuring and monitoring driver behavior. That’s why we focus on right-time data vs. real-time data. We’ll work with you to understand what data you want pulled daily and what data (like telematics) you want to review prior to incorporating into the Safety Suite Platform. In addition, you can assign severity, preventable vs. non-preventable accidents, and costs to optimize the quality of the data you’re integrating and build trust in Idelic’s predictive analytics.

As You Grow, We’ll Scale With You

As your fleet evolves, our integration capabilities grow with you. Our scalable solution ensures that you can easily integrate new technologies and adapt to changing industry demands without disruption. If you switch providers or add something new, our team will work with you to maintain the data integrity of Safety Suite Platform’s accident prediction capabilities.


Our industry leading integration platform brings fleet’s driver data into a single view including driver info and CDLs, accidents, camera events, telematics, inspections and violations, etc.

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Utilizing our 40B miles of data coupled with your fleet’s integrated data, our machine learning (ML) powered predictive analytics reveal patterns in driver behavior and indicate potential risk before accidents occur.

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Behavior-based coaching tools give safety teams automated step-by-step strategies to address risky driver behaviors, proven to be more effective than training to individual telematic incidents alone.

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When teams are armed with risk prediction insights and behavior specific driver coaching strategies, preventable accidents are reduced by 20%* in the first year, measurably lowering the Total Cost of Risk (TCoR).

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