Our Values

Be Empowered

Our best work happens when we’re trusted to solve big challenges, make bold decisions, and share new ideas.

We empower ourselves and our teammates to take action, give feedback and support, and help one another grow.

Own It

Our collective ownership in the company means that our work matters.

We strive for quality, efficiency, and creativity, and expect execution and accountability.

We see things through to the end and we own every result.

Enjoy the Ride

Our culture was built around finding ways to enjoy the time we spend working with one another. 

We will always lift each other up when challenges arise and celebrate our successes as #oneteam.

Move fast

We work with a sense of urgency, which requires us to be innovative, ambitious and efficient.

We always act promptly with intention and purpose without ever sacrificing quality.

Be #oneteam

Our dedication to collaboration requires a commitment to bringing together various viewpoints and experiences.

We listen intently, share openly, and ask others for feedback to ensure our collective efforts create the highest quality.

Our History

Out of the need for a comprehensive safety, compliance, and risk management system, Pitt Ohio Express created an in-house solution over a decade ago. They needed a more proactive approach to using their data to better predict at-risk behaviors and prescribe action before it was too late. From this, SafetyBox was born, and using this new system, Pitt Ohio saw enormous success.

As the results were tallied and awards were won, SafetyBox started to garner the industry’s attention as a whole, and Pitt Ohio looked to our founders to step in and take it to the next level. Thus, Idelic was born.

Building upon the original SafetyBox, we added advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, creating the Idelic Safety Suite®.

In 2022, growing concern surrounding commercial auto insurance challenges swept across the trucking industry. Idelic, always at the forefront of our customers’ needs, shifted focus to help empower them to take control of their insurance costs. By partnering with Nationwide and modifying the Idelic Program, we dedicated ourselves and our solutions to predicting and mitigating risk, reducing preventable accidents, and lowering fleet losses.

Born From Trucking

We understand what’s most important to your fleet because we’ve been there. That’s why our focus is put squarely on helping you and your team ensure you obtain the best insurance outcomes. Every new product and feature we create aims to give our customers the specific tools they need to do their job successfully. That is our promise and that is what drives us every day.

Our Leadership

Hayden Cardiff
Founder / Chief Innovation Officer
Nick Bartel
Co-Founder / CEO
Andrew Russell
Co-Founder / Principal Architect
Brian Filip
Chief Technology Officer
Ellie Guttilla
Senior Vice President of Operations
Michael Gramm
Senior Vice President of Insurance
Tara Beeby
Vice President of Marketing
Brett Stevenson
Vice President of Business Development
Kim Wagner
Vice President of People Operations
Christine Cristallino
Vice President of Finance