Our Values


Safety is the core value that drives everything we do.

We achieve our mission by leveraging robust data to unlock hidden insights and promote safe driving. We have committed ourselves to this mission by embedding safety practices into our DNA through our product, culture, and everyday activities.


Idelic was created to revolutionize the way we perceive our roadways and the drivers that rely on them.

We embrace innovation and incorporate it into every product and service we deliver. We enable our team, customers, and partners to set a new standard of excellence by thinking critically, taking risks, and challenging the status quo.


Our passion to make life-changing impact fuels our commitment to excellence and delighting our customers.

Idelic attracts and fosters those who exude this energy and takes pride in making that our standard of association. We commit to and hold ourselves accountable for conveying this passion in all that we do.


Quality is our brand and something that we never compromise.

In safety, we don’t have the luxury of getting it right the second time. We consistently commit to an excellent, reliable, and customer-focused work product and hold ourselves accountable to this elevated standard.


The Idelic team takes pride in committing to the success of others, which in turn creates our own success.

Our collaboration brings together a comprehensive understanding of various viewpoints and disciplines to solve complex problems. We listen intently, think mindfully, and seek voices different from our own to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our History

Out of the need for a comprehensive safety, compliance, and risk management system, Pitt Ohio Express created an in-house solution over a decade ago. They needed to have all available driver information in one place and a tool that could help them predict at-risk behaviors and prescribe action before it’s too late. From this, SafetyBox was born.

Over the years, SafetyBox evolved to help solve more and more problems safety, compliance, and risk management teams encounter. As the results were tallied and awards were won, SafetyBox started to garner the attention of the industry as a whole, and Pitt Ohio looked to our founders to step in and take it to the next level.

The need for continued innovation within the transportation industry is how Idelic was created. Building upon the original SafetyBox, we added advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, creating the Idelic Safety Suite. Using the industry knowledge of transformational fleets and infusing our own cutting-edge design and technology to better enhance the user experience, we produce unparalleled products and services for the transportation industry.

Born From Trucking

We understand what’s most important to your fleet because we’ve been there. That’s why our focus is put squarely on helping you and your team ensure all of your drivers are coming home safe each night. Every new product and feature we create aims to give our customers the specific tools they need to do their job successfully. That is our promise and that is what drives us every day.

Our Leadership

Hayden Cardiff
Founder / Chief Innovation Officer
Nick Bartel
Co-Founder / CEO
Andrew Russell
Co-Founder / Principal Architect
Brian Filip
Chief Technology Officer
Ellie Guttilla
Senior Vice President of Operations
Michael Gramm
Senior Vice President of Insurance
Brett Stevenson
Vice President of Business Development
Kim Wagner
Vice President of People Operations
Christine Cristallino
Vice President of Finance

Hear From Our Team

"The work I do every day is impacting the world."
"This is one of the most empowering companies I've ever worked for."
"Empowering place to work. Every day I feel like I can 'move the needle."
"We have an extremely talented (and fun!) team dedicated to a meaningful mission."
"I love the open support across all departments and genuine kindness shown to everyone."
"It's a great feeling to wake up and want to go to work each day."
"You get a sense of ownership of a growing company, access to a collaborative team approach, and the ability to grow and learn in your career."
"Work hard, play hard - every day we push ourselves to innovate and have fun at the same time!"
"Every day I get to work alongside some of the smartest and most talented people I’ve ever met."
"Your work matters and the company acts like it. You don’t get that everywhere."
"The best part of working for Idelic is the #oneteam mentality, It’s so fun to work with others!"
"It’s wonderful to know you’re working for a company that pursues an ethical mission no one can disagree with. That’s a perk you don’t get at some other companies."