Transform Risk Identification and Decision-Making Capabilities in Your Fleet

For years, commercial trucking professionals have grappled with the complexities of understanding the many factors influencing their driver safety outcomes. Driver data holds a wealth of information and opportunity, but centralizing and analyzing it can be time-consuming and often feels like a task better left to expert business analysts. Idelic’s recently released SafeView module solves these challenges by visually organizing and analyzing fleets’ existing data in the Safety Suite Platform and surfacing powerful business insights.

Safe View

SafeView enables faster, more confident decision-making for everyone in the fleet from safety and operations teams to fleet executives. By providing clear visibility into data and trends, teams can pinpoint high-risk geographies or terminals, measure the efficacy of risk-reducing initiatives, and allocate resources more effectively. Brian Filip, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product at Idelic, shares, “SafeView unlocks the potential of that data and makes it simple to access and understand. It’s like hiring a new business analyst with 20 years of experience and a briefcase full of benchmarking data.”

One of SafeView’s standout features is its fully customizable safety scorecards, slated for release later this year. This addition will provide fleets with an even more accessible way to monitor safety programs and facilitate reward and recognition initiatives. Chris McMahan, Safety Director at Dunavant Transportation Group, who participated in the beta testing of SafeView said, “Idelic’s SafeView module puts metrics and reporting at your fingertips with only a few mouse clicks. I’ve never worked with a better product or group of people.”

Learn more about SafeView and how your fleet can leverage your Safety Suite data for better insights.