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4000+ Drivers

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Improved visibility and accountability into driver development resulted in a 64.7% drop in accidents per driver
  2. 23% drop in loss time injury rate and a $1.9 million cost reduction from injuries 
  3. 15% decrease in average Driver Watch List Score across the entire fleet

When you’re a 4,000+ driver fleet dedicated to providing excellent supply chain solutions to your customers, rising accidents and the liability that comes along with them can have nuclear repercussions. In 2019, one fleet knew they needed to invest in a better professional development program for their drivers to get out in front of their risk.

Historically, this fleet took driver safety and training and development seriously, assigning development plans to any driver in the bottom 5% of safety based on their internal scorecard system. Despite their diligent efforts, they discovered holes in their program. Tracking development plans for over 200 drivers per month within spreadsheets and Excel became increasingly difficult. Then, ensuring every task was checked and each driver was getting the attention they needed was proving to be impossible. As a result, their accidents were still on the rise.

To combat these challenges, they implemented the first-in-kind Driver Performance Management Platform, Safety Suite®. 

The Solution

Using Safety Suite, this fleet began seamlessly assigning Professional Development Plans (PDPs), tracking every task and training to completion, scheduling follow-ups, and helping drivers feel watched after, not over. This improved performance management resulted in remarkable risk reduction and improved efficiency of the safety team.

They found that the structure of Safety Suite’s PDP monitor increased their overall fleet safety largely because of the improved visibility into the PDP process. Managers can now better organize and execute their plans and track their trainings’ effectiveness over time.

Over just six months, they created 484 Professional Development Plans and marked over 6,300 tasks completed seamlessly through the Safety Suite platform.

The Results

Combined, they saw a reduction of over 15% in average Watch List Scores across their three divisions: Intermodal drayage, dedicated fleet, and owner-operators.

The decrease in Watch List Scores translated directly into a decline in accidents, injuries, and the significant costs associated:


– Accidents Per Driver: ⇣ – 64.7%
– Loss Time Injury Rate: – 23%


– Injury Costs: $7.3M  $5.4M ($1.9M)


– Average Watch List Score:  9 points (15)
– Highest Watch List Score:  10 Points (12%)

Safety Suite has helped this fleet raise the bar for safety. Today, even their most at-risk drivers are exceeding their safety expectations. As they have driven poor behavior out and seen Watch List Scores decrease across the board, they’re now seeking to set new benchmarks for safe driving across all three divisions.

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