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Modern Transportation is a leading provider of shipping services to material and chemical providers, energy producers, and industrial manufacturers. With a commitment to its core values of safety, responsible care, and innovation, Modern has maintained its superior service with a robust network of over 300 drivers and 22 terminals.

Like many fleets, Modern has a system for tracking DOT inspections, incentivizing drivers with clean reports, and assigning corrective action to drivers who fail an inspection. Modern has used the Idelic Safety Suite® to create a system that effortlessly tracks new and old inspections, reduces their reporting time to state authorities, easily dispenses incentives to passing drivers, and enables the assignment of timely, relevant training.

With Safety Suite, Modern has reduced unnecessary administrative time and used the savings to improve their BASICs, motivate drivers, and assign training. Modern serves as an excellent example of how fleets can use Safety Suite to identify risk, simplify their compliance process, and put resources toward productive pursuits.