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Market Express, based out of Portland, Oregon, offers dedicated, over-the-road, and regional truckload services in the Western 11 United States. MX Solutions also offers third Party Logistics and Intermodal services throughout North America. With a core value of “Safety First & Last,” Market Express went live with the Idelic Safety Suite® platform in June of 2021 to improve claims management, risk identification, and implement Idelic’s Driver Watch List to better identify risky driver behavior that required proactive coaching.

The Idelic Customer Experience team partnered with Market Express to develop an onboarding experience focused on accelerating their time to value by (1) ensuring Safety Suite users understood the most important capabilities, (2) data integrations were accurate and consistent and (3) they had the support and relationships through onboarding and beyond to get the most out Safety Suite. 

Onboarding with Idelic: Interactive Learning

For many fleets, learning a new technology solution can be challenging because it requires prioritizing additional time outside of daily fleet operations to learn something new. Idelic worked with Market Express to understand the best way their team wanted to learn.

Reinforcing Live Training with Videos

“I liked the fact that for the training we got videos of each [lesson]. We could train people beyond ‘Hey here’s you’re one training.”

Denise Rugh, Director of Safety & Compliance, Market Express

The Market Express team attended weekly recorded training sessions to learn how data from their existing fleet technology solutions would be integrated to build Idelic’s Driver watch list. Next, they learned how to use the Watch List to easily identify risky driver behavior showing them not just the who but the reasons why a driver may need specific intervention. Then Idelic introduced Professional Development Plans as a powerful tool to enable managers to have meaningful coaching conversations with drivers to change behavior. Finally, Market Express was introduced to the powerful reporting capabilities to keep leadership informed of improvements and progress against safety initiatives and goals.


Extra TLC after the Go-Live Date

“I thought it was very helpful that you don’t just get released to Customer Service, you get someone to work through the details once you get into the system.’”

Denise Rugh, Director of Safety & Compliance, Market Express

Idelic understands that the day a fleet goes live with Safety Suite is an important milestone but often introduces more questions and needs as the team becomes hands-on daily with the platform. Idelic customers receive expedited care from our Customer Success Managers and Support team for several weeks after the go-live date. This ensures continuous adoption and any additional quick resolution of system configurations.


Ongoing Knowledgeable Support 

“’Kayla was very personable and engaging. You can tell her any problem you have and she will go and find you a solution… she is gonna make whatever my problem is, her problem.”

Denise Rugh, Director of Safety & Compliance, Market Express

Idelic’s Customer Experience team has collective decades of experience working with the trucking industry and SaaS solution implementations. The team maintains education and knowledge certifications to ensure when a customer has a question – we have an answer.


On-Demand Training and Support

“’I think it’s very user-friendly. You get there and it pretty much tells you ‘Here are your tickets, here’s the knowledge bases, and here’s anything that’s open.”

Denise Rugh, Director of Safety & Compliance, Market Express

Idelic maintains a robust online database of common questions, user tips and tricks, release notes, on-demand training videos, and other helpful materials. While we always like speaking directly with our customers, sometimes a quick read of an article can answer a question even faster. Idelic customers can access the Training and Support Hub here.



Market Express benefited from Idelic’s commitment to customer success. We take tremendous pride in understanding the goals of our customers and then developing an onboarding experience that supports achieving those goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

Speak with our team today to learn more about the Safety Suite Platform and how we can help you achieve results like Market Express.

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