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Dot Transportation Inc. is the private fleet for Dot Foods, established in 1960, and is the largest food industry redistributor in North America. With more than 2,000 drivers and multiple systems feeding data to their safety team, Dot recognized a need for more efficient, predictive risk detection and management.

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Before partnering with Idelic, Dot Transportation relied on a homegrown risk management system (RMS). The system’s limitations made predictive modeling a challenge, leaving the company in need of a more advanced solution that could help the safety team efficiently and proactively spot risk.


Dot Transportation went on the hunt for a solution that could integrate seamlessly with existing workflows and systems while offering more advanced predictive capabilities than they were able to get with their in-house RMS and scorecards. Idelic’s Safety Suite emerged as the perfect fit.


  • 30% increase in efficiency
  • Achieved all-time best accident rate in fleet history
  • Sustained reduction in accidents year over year
  • Reduced maintenance and in-house development costs


“We’ve been with Idelic for four years now, and in three of those four years, we’ve had our best MVA rates ever, with 2023 being the all-time best we’ve ever had as a company.

Tim Eckhardt

Director of Safety, Dot Transportation

The full story


Before partnering with Idelic, Dot Transportation developed a homegrown risk management system (RMS) that they had used since the early 2000s. Designed with a 10-15-year shelf life, the system required extensive manual input and fell flat when it came to predictive modeling and proactive risk detection. The team was layering on scorecards and other tools meant to help them proactively spot risk, but Tim Eckhardt, Director of Safety and Compliance, realized that it just wasn’t enough. 

“It was a lot of manual work. I mean, we had scorecards that we used on top of our RMS, but the only things we were able to produce were lagging indicators. They weren’t proactive and precise enough to help us really know that an accident was going to occur.

Over the years, the system didn’t take priority when it came to upgrades and improvements, which resulted in inefficient workflows for the safety team. Eckhardt recognized the need for a more advanced solution that could help the safety team efficiently and proactively predict risk. 

Solution: Idelic’s Safety Suite

Recognizing the need for a system that could grow alongside the fleet, Dot Transportation evaluated industry options and landed on Idelic’s Safety Suite. Two primary reasons that Dot chose Safety Suite were 1) The seamless integration with their existing workflows and systems and 2) Idelic’s unmatched predictive analytics model. As a growing, innovative company committed to continual investment in the platform, Eckhardt shares that Idelic has been able to act not just as a solution for the present but as a partnership for future growth.

“We thought, “This is a young, growing company that is going to invest constantly in their platform,” and that’s what Idelic has done.”

Results: 30% Efficiency Gains and Continued Accident Reduction

Since implementing Idelic’s Safety Suite, Dot Transportation has realized significant operational efficiencies, upwards of a 30% increase, due to centralizing data into a single, accessible platform. This centralization has allowed for a more strategic allocation of resources, with staff now able to focus on critical areas like driver coaching rather than manual data management.

“When I look out at the work center, everybody has Idelic pulled up. The compliance team, the accident team, the claims team, camera monitoring…Everybody uses the same system and the same data.”

Safety Suite’s predictive analytics tools have also enabled a reliable, proactive approach to safety. The platform’s ability to identify at-risk drivers has led to targeted interventions, with the company noting three out of four years of record-low accident rates since partnering with Idelic, one of which resulting in their best year in fleet history. 


Safety Suite has proven to be more than just a software solution for Dot Transportation; the partnership has transformed the company’s approach to fleet safety and efficiency. Through comprehensive integrations, predictive analytics, and a focus on continuous improvement, Idelic and Dot Transportation have worked together to see measurable results and to set a new standard for safety and operational excellence in the trucking industry.

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