Headquartered in Massachusetts, Boyle Transportation, now a part of Andlauer Healthcare Group (AHG), operates a fleet of 165 drivers across the contiguous United States and Canada, specializing in logistics for the life sciences and government/defense sectors. After recognizing a need for improved data management related to claims and wanting to focus more on proactive risk management, they partnered with Idelic to consolidate their data from five separate systems for easy risk identification, implement a robust coaching program, and enhance their overall safety performance.

The Challenge

Boyle Transportation faced a dual challenge. Their data was fragmented across various platforms, making it difficult to standardize their claims information and identify risk across their drivers proactively. With information spread across Netradyne, TruckRight, Samsara, Fleetio, and the FMCSA, the need for a centralized source for data management and analysis was apparent. Boyle’s safety team also lacked the tools to proactively address risky behaviors before an accident, forcing them to address driver behavior post-incident. Their mixed outcomes with post-incident coaching highlighted a clear need for a more proactive approach to addressing risk.

“The challenge we faced was the need to enhance our data collection related to claims. Idelic has given us a way to ensure vital information is captured, retained, and acted upon.”

– Michael Lasko, Director of EHS & Quality


The Solution


iconUnified data management

Idelic worked with Boyle to consolidate previously fragmented data from Netradyne, TruckRight, Samsara, Fleetio, and FMCSA into one centralized system. This unified view has made entering and accessing their claims data more efficient and provided a more comprehensive view of overall driver performance data.

iconProactive risk identification

By creating a single source of truth for their driver data, the Boyle team was able to clearly identify risky behaviors across their drivers. They introduced Idelic’s Driver Watch List to analyze data and use predictive analytics to surface a list of drivers who are most at risk. This allowed them to intervene with a plan of action before an accident occurred. 

Proactive driver coaching

In order to correct risky behavior, the Boyle team fully adopted Idelic’s industry-backed coaching plans and Driver Safety Playbook. The structured approach empowered the team to develop and execute personalized programs for each driver, focusing on accident prevention rather than post-incident discipline, fostering continuous improvement and driver development.

“Here at Boyle, our approach to safety is a risk reduction approach. We have to identify what our risks are and how to mitigate them. Predictive analytics is what enables that. Idelic offers Driver Watch List scores and those are great indicators of where your next accident is likely to happen.”


– Michael Lasko, Director of EHS & Quality

The Results

Implementing Idelic’s Safety Suite Platform unified Boyle’s data from five disparate systems, offering a more complete view of driver performance data. Through the Driver Watch List, they gained the ability to proactively identify risk, allowing the safety team to intervene with a plan of action before accidents occur. Embracing Idelic’s coaching plans for that intervention has shifted the culture towards continuous improvement, providing each driver with proactive and personalized coaching plans. Boyle has emerged as a more resilient and safety-driven operation, with enhanced data management and a proactive ethos, setting a new standard for accident prevention and driver development within the fleet. 

As Boyle continues to demonstrate success with the use of Idelic’s Safety Suite, more AHG fleets are taking notice and following suit. Skelton Truck Lines, who joined AHG in 2021, recently introduced Safety Suite to their fleet to support their objectives tied to improved operations and risk detection.

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