Your Data has Never Looked Better

Idelic’s business insights module within the Safety Suite Platform provides game-changing business intelligence and analytics. With its robust reporting and visualization capabilities, we aggregate your fleet’s driver safety performance data, making it effortless to identify potential risks, measure intervention effectiveness, compare performance among different parts of your fleet, and prioritize safety resources.

Better Business Analysis without Business Analysts

Complex trend and performance insights on demand

For many fleets, understanding the complex factors impacting driver risks across your entire fleet, and accurately measuring effectiveness of your intervention efforts, can be intimidating tasks. Generating meaningful safety performance metrics often requires significant time and effort, especially without a team of business analysts. The Safety Suite Platform addresses these challenges head-on, providing fleets with data-driven insights to validate hypotheses and act decisively all in a user-friendly interface.

Faster Decisions with Trend Analysis: With trend analysis, specialists and leadership make faster, informed choices by leveraging intuitive reporting and data visualization. Measure performance before and after actions, and prioritize safety interventions with confidence.

Prioritize Safety Intervention by Location or Terminal: Identify high-risk operations by geography, assess coaching initiatives’ effectiveness, and effortlessly compile terminal performance packages. Prioritizing safety intervention has never been easier or more efficient.

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Visualize New Risk Insights and Trends with Integrated Data

Put your data to work with our industry leading integration capabilities 

Idelic takes all of the work you’ve done to bring your driver behavior data together in the Safety Suite Platform and brings it to life in highly visual, customizable views. Available data sets include:

  • Accidents
  • Enforcements
  • Telematics Alerts
  • Roadside Inspections
  • Violations
  • Claims
  • Corrective Action / Driver Training
  • Employees
  • Injuries

  • Get rid of the spreadsheets and pivot tables and let Idelic’s Safety Suite Platform do the heavy lifting for your next board or executive meeting.


    If I look at the trucking industry 15-20 years ago there was a lack of data and now we’re drowning in data from too many sources without a way to operationalize it. Idelic Safety Suite helped us amalgamate our data and turn it into action and results…data fits into our whole lifecycle of managing our professional drivers.”

    Brian Fielkow
    Board of Directors Member, Jetco, a GTI Company