Hayden Cardiff, Founder / Chief Innovation Officer, Idelic
Amanda Schuier, Senior Vice President, Quality Transport Co.
Brandon Wiseman, Owner & President, Trucksafe Consulting, LLC


  • 01:00 – Speaker Introduction
  • 04:45 – Onboarding Drivers
  • 22:30 – Proactively Addressing Risk
  • 40:25 – Tailoring Training to Each Driver
  • 59:16 – Steps You Can Take Today



Learn More About Onboarding and Retention

Though driver turnover can be a difficult problem to solve, many fleets have figured out strategies that can work like building standardized driver onboarding and engagement procedures that work for your fleet. While that may sound difficult to do, there is technology that can help.

The Idelic Safety Suite® is the industry’s leading driver management platform, helping fleets consolidate driver data from their third-party systems in a single location. With Safety Suite, fleets of all sizes have revamped their safety culture, implemented new engagement strategies, and even cut their claims costs by 48%.

With Safety Suite, fleets can:

  • Institute a standardized, high-visibility system for onboarding and engaging with drivers
  • Build accountability their onboarding and development processes
  • Consolidate their driver data into a single platform
  • Use AI to immediately know which drivers are at risk of a crash
  • Access the technology and associated features mentioned in this webinar.

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